Sunday, May 17, 2009

the word is out

yeah, i know, we are lousy with the updates but i am pleased to say we were able to tick off some items in my checklist, although a bit late from our original timeline. more on that later.

we were finally able to get our electronic std's out in email (yes, we are trying to be environmentally friendly). we might have missed out a couple of people because a.) the mail merge/auto-email was acting up so either it was sending out two emails or none at all. but we are double-checking so we might have to resend some and apologize for the flooding. b.) we don't have other people's emails or the ones we have are no longer up to date. so after months of agonizing over the final design, this is our electronic save the date.

you noticed i explicitly stated that it was the electronic save the date because we do have a handful of paper save the dates for our principal sponsors because we wanted to convey our gratitude and appreciation this way.

what do you think? anyway, here are some of the things we managed to accomplish since the last post:

1.) couturier - we already decided on a couturier and we will schedule an appointment next week to finalize the details and designs for my gown and the female entourage. more on this later.

2.) song arranger - we had some problems with the music sheets we shared with the choir as they were set for a duet, not a choir. an officemate was able to recommend a musical arranger at a rate we can afford. we have the music sheet for the first song and if all goes well, we will ask him to complete the arrangements for the rest of the songs.

3.) newsletter - yes, we have a newsletter for our entourage to make it easier to share information about the wedding. i just have to find a convenient way to share it with them and then i will share it here as well.

4.) favors - we have a couple of ideas and managed to make some prototypes, will be sharing more here.

5.) invitations - no progress in this area. perhaps now that most of the major items e.g. venue, photographer and couturier have already been finalized, perhaps i can really focus on starting this.

6.) table numbers - i have started working on a prototype as well, just have to put it all together. will also be sharing once it's done.

so far, i think we're doing good. i will try to share more about our couturier and the gowns (except mine!) in my next post after we meet up with our couturier. hope you had a great weekend. :)

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