Tuesday, September 23, 2008

the search for the perfect venue

so we left manila at past 10. i think the guards at the condo laughing when they saw me carrying a big bag with the kids in it. we stopped for a while in shell to grab something to eat. it was raining when we arrived in tagaytay so we were worried we might not be able to go around so much. it stopped raining eventually and we were supposed to meet some friends for a late lunch at sonya's. we figured it was one of the places we wanted to check out, so might as well hit two birds with one stone.
we've been to sonya's a couple of months ago when we took my parents to tagaytay. everyone enjoyed lunch except me - i'm not much of a vegetable fan. it should not be a problem for us to find our way but that day, maybe because of the rain or hunger or exhaustion, we took a wrong turn. after almost half an hour, we managed to get back on the main road and went to sonya's.
we had a full afternoon ahead of us so we planned to check the place, say a quick hello to our friends then leave for our next stop. the funny thing was we planned the itinerary for our occular for 3 weeks but it took us 5 minutes to decide we wanted to have our ceremony/reception there. it was a good thing the date we wanted was still wide open and we had dibs on the venue. in the end, we opted for the bigger venue with higher ceiling and an unobstructed view of the "aisle". so with nothing left to do, we had impromptu photo sessions and a very late lunch. more pictures here.

we also ran into another friend who was also looking into venues for their wedding. i think they were more thorough in the inspection of the place while we were just too absorbed with taking pictures.
afterwards, we headed to bag of beans to catch up with our friends. we were too full to have dessert and too tired so we didn't join them for dinner back in manila.
gian already has lots of plans to spruce up the place, i like i the way it is. but we'll see. right now, i'm just excited about making save-the-date cards. any suggestions?

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