Monday, October 6, 2008

the favor prototype #1

this is just a quick post. i've been feeling guilty for neglecting the wedding preparations after we've settled on the venue a few weeks back. my feeling of inadequacy is further heightened upon seeing my friend who is also getting married doing more preparations - she has more ideas and have checked out mroe suppliers. hopefully, we can get on track when we attend another bridal fair this weekend.
we have not yet decided on a final motif, although it looks like we will both get what we want - gian and his midnight blue and me with my coral/poppy pink. i am eager to lock down the motif so i can start working on our favors, invites and maybe, our save the date cards.

here is a prototype of the wedding favor i was planning to make, i have to change the colors, of course. but i wanted something that i can easily mass produce and something that people can actually use. let me know what you think. enjoy the week ahead.

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