Monday, September 22, 2008

the story of how it all started

it was a theology class on marriage in 2001. he was the guy at the back row, who was sometimes late and yes, with a girlfriend then. she was the girl in the front row who was never late and yes, with a boyfriend then too. he was on the school council, she worked in the school paper. she knew him but he didn'tknow her. two years later, he is still with his girlfriend, she broke up with her boyfriend, they graduated and ateneo won the championship.
he became a manager in a bpo company with a new girlfriend, she became a software engineer in a japanese company with no boyfriend. she decides to move to the everything-is-possible company, he follows a few months later. in his first email to her, he reprimands her for an oversight at work.he was diplomatic and got along with the boss, she was feisty and stood up to the boss but somehow they clicked and became good friends. then, they were both being eyed for the same role and suddenly there was tension. but they managed to talkabout it, much like they could talk about anything else, and it brought them even closer. in the end, they both got the position.
eventually, they would have impromptu brunches or late dinners, he would take her home and she would tell him about her crushes. people at the office and their friends were thinking something was up, his girlfriend was jealous, her crush didn't care but they both insisted they were just friends. he liked her even then but didn't know how to tell her, she was too dense to realize it. so he came with her on a group date with her crush and she has a valentine's dinner with him. yet they still insists, they're just friends. then he resigns and gets a new girlfriend, she stays and starts to date other guys and they lose touch.
a year later, she was heartbroken from a guy she was dating, he just broke up with his girlfriend. she needed a place to stay after two months in europe and he offers to sublet his condo to her. he was devastated and needed a distraction, she invites him to her church. he was depressed, she was always drinkingand they took turns venting and leaning to each other.
then finally he realizes she was the one who has always been there for him and that she was the one person he can talk to about anything. but how would he tell her because she knew his mo and the cheesy lines he would spew? but he head to try. he tried to court her but she thinks he likes her friend. he tried to tell her so many times but she would ruin it - she is late, she brings some friends or she falls asleep. he gives her gifts, she thinks it's to impress her friend. he calls her overseas, she thinks he's just being helpful. he picks her up all the way from tagaytay, she believes him when he tells her he just needed to test drive his new car.
so when he couldn't wait any longer, he goes up to her condo, knocks on her door with her almost empty coffee that she left in his car and tells her. she was half-asleep and half-listening and after his long speech, all she could say was, "what do we do now"so for the next few weeks, they would have dinner together, hang out with friends and text frequently.
a little over a week later, she tells him, let's give it a try and he was so happy, he couldn't believe it. a few days later, she starts getting sick and when he confronts her, she says she wasn't too sure about saying yes to him. he asks her why she told him she loves him too and she says she didn't think "thank you" was a polite reply to his "i love you". he was frustrated but he stayed and for the next few days their relationship was in limbo. she saw how patient he was with her and finally realized that this time she could mean what she would say, she just couldn't say it out loud yes. so she texted him and she never looked back after that.
this year, they will get married. and yes, ateneo might win the championship again after 6 years.

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Zak said...

wow, nice story jeanie! I didn't know Gian had it in him :-)