Friday, February 13, 2009

the photographer: jason de guzman of imagine nation

remember the photographer i was talking about here? we finally got him! as soon as the mall opened today, i went to the wedding fair and booked him. hubby was impressed with his portfolio and the imagine nation team as a whole. when we were reviewing the portfolio of our other top 3, he was most impressed with him and the team.
see, hubby is more logical when it comes to these things. mine was an informed decision based on feedback from a photographer friend. but i have already made up my mind even before i asked for my friend's input because of what i saw in their site - their mission and most importantly, their passion not only for photography but their faith. somehow, it was just apt to get them. i told you i am a highly intuitive person.
i also learned from their brochure the stringent process each imagine nation photographer has to go to. think about this, only 12 out of the 60 who apply qualify for their apprenticeship program. along the way, half quit and only 6 continue to become junior photographers. then, 1 out of 3 become a senior photographer and only half become masters.
i am raving about them and we haven't even started working with them. i am just happy i guess that i feel we have been blessed enough to acquire the help of people we truly believe in and are passionate about. that's about it for me. i have a pre-valentine's date with hubby. happy valentine's day everyone.

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Anonymous said...

hi sis! happy preps! :-) i added you na in my link.. hope you can add me too.. thanks! :-)
Trina (W@W)