Sunday, February 8, 2009

the venue: sonya's garden

i know i have been remiss in updating this blog but we have been busy getting things ready for the wedding. as early as november 22, we've already booked our venue. yes, after that single visit, we decided on sonya's garden. since it will be a christian wedding, the ceremony and reception will be in the same venue. anyway, here are some overdue shots from that trip.

we're moving along at a slow pace but we're happy with our progress. at least we still manage to get our bit of fun (him with his xbox and me with my scrapping) amidst all these preps. for this month, here are our deliverables (you think that sounds geeky? believe me when i tell you i am just the tip of the iceberg).

1.) book a photographer (another post on this)

2.) give sheet music to choir (another post on this)

3.) finish prototype for invite

4.) finalize entourage (yes, we are way behind on this. as of this writing, i have 7 bridesmaids in mind!)

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