Sunday, October 25, 2009

the dream is coming true

it all started with these:

i tried to make these:

and made this:

and just when it all seemed to be just a dream, i found this in osaka in july (and at Y105, how can you say no?). despite what everyone else was saying, i got 16 of these, bought a new luggage to put them all in and flew them all the way back to manila. now to find the birds.

so i started to dream about these:

2 months later and my search for the perfect birds was still not yielding results i am happy with. and then there was jatujak. at the precipice of a storm and amidst a sea of eager shoppers, i found them. wading through ankle-deep water and maneuvering around potential electrocution, i had to make a second trip for this. i got around a hundred of these, in different sizes and colors:

it's all coming together. and i couldn't be happier. the dream is coming true. i really wish i could share the fulfilment of that dream here but it has to be on our wedding day. yay! i really am so happy.

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aecy said...

hi there! i've stumbled on your wedding blog and i fell in love with the birdcages..i'd like to know if maybe i could purchase some of it after your wedding. hoping for your reply. thanks a lot!