Sunday, March 8, 2009

the february report + the march goals

yes i know, i am a week late. remember this post about my deliverables for this month. well, i am 85% done. i think.

1.) we've booked our photographer.
2.) we've submitted the songs to the choir (music sheets + program draft 1 + mp3's). another post on this later.
3.) i am 70% done with the invitation prototype, i have the design in mind and i've dabbled a bit in photoshop. i did a bit of tinkering with the colors and i've gone as far as cutting some papers but that's about it. on a side note, i joined a scrapbook contest and won a 2000 bucks gc for national which i will use to buy the papers for our invites. more on this later. as some of you might know, i am into scrapbooking so i am constantly inundated with all these inspiring ideas and techniques i see that i want to incorporate them all in my invite. but i have to choose soon.
4.) and the last piece of news that i am actually excited about, we've finalized our entourage. i've trimmed the list down to 5 bridesmaids. last week, i finished "will-you-be-my " invites and this week they will be on their way to their owners. i was happy with how it turned out but it was a painstaking process and it was only about 10 invites. multiply that by 10 or 15. here are some sneaks of my first diy project. i will share all the details once i've received a response from the girls. i hope they like it though. and more importantly, i hope they'd say yes. i think the list of tasks i needed their help on is too long and might be intimidating. these girls mean a lot to me and to hubby and it would really make us happy if they can be part of our wedding.

so for march, these are our deliverables:

1.) book an hmua

2.) settle on a design and designer for my gown

3.) finalize the gown design for our entourage

4.) complete invite prototype 100%

anyway, that's about it for me. have a great week ahead everyone. :)

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